National Security and Homeland Security Veterans: Statement Endorsing Senator Kamala Harris for Vice President of the United States

When it became apparent Vice President Joe Biden would be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States, members of the Steady State were proud to endorse him. An organization of national security veterans, both Democrats and Republicans, the Steady State has served Presidents of both parties. The endorsement — for many Steady State members, a lifetime first — was the product of well-founded fear that the nation was in danger. President Trump does not represent a policy direction, but a threat to the fundamental concepts of American democracy.

The Steady State welcomes the announcement that Senator Kamala Harris will team with Vice President Biden. She is smart, measured, and competent. A member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the Senate Judiciary Committee, and a former California Attorney General and District Attorney, she understands national security, law enforcement, and knows the importance of rule of law in our nation.

During her time in the Senate she has garnered bipartisan praise for her commitment to our national security. In an August 2019 interview with Buzzfeed, the Republican Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, described her as a “quick study” and praised her work as “very effective.” Senator Marco Rubio, another Republican on the committee, observed that she is “engaged and active” and “absolutely comes to briefings well prepared.” As Vice Chairman Mark Warner noted, “I can’t think of a committee that potentially would better prepare you for a national role, because you get to see so much.”

She has used her service on the Intelligence Committee to better understand some of the most intractable challenges our nation faces. She has traveled to Afghanistan and the Middle East, including a visit to Iraq. She has met with our diplomats, military commanders, and soldiers in the field. She is committed to finding ways to protect American interest and to support our troops abroad.

Unlike the current occupant of the White House, Senator Harris understands the threat our democracy faces from foreign meddling in our elections. In 2017, she was an early co-sponsor of the bipartisan Secure Elections Act. More recently, she sponsored the VoteSafe Act to help states expand and secure voting by mail.

To us, a group of national security veterans, her interest in and knowledge of these important issues provides a compelling reason to support her selection. Her background, as a prosecutor, state attorney general, and politician bring the skills we need to the White House. Her personal story, success as a child of immigrants and a woman of color are emblematic of America. Together, Biden and Harris can begin bringing the nation together, and healing the wounds inflicted by President Trump and his cronies.

The Steady State is a group of veterans of the U.S. National Security Community who believe that President Trump, unfit for the Presidency, presents a clear and present danger to America’s safety and security. Its members, all of whom have endorsed Vice President Biden for President, can be found here.