Steady in Purpose

We offer honest answers to the array of complex problems our country faces.

The Steady State was formed in March of 2020 by a group of national security professionals concerned about the future of our country. We are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who came together to support President Biden’s candidacy for President and to help repair our damaged national security and weakened international alliances. While our nation and alliances are stronger under the President’s leadership, U.S. national security remains threatened by an energized authoritarian, anti-democratic political movement.


Decades of experience inform our actions and our choices. We represent all political parties, geographic regions, and ethnic and religious backgrounds. And while we may disagree on the means for achieving national goals, we share an unwavering conviction for democracy, the rule of law, free and fair elections, and the Constitutional rights of all citizens.


Relying on our years of experience, we speak, write and advocate for ways to protect our democracy. In the run-up to the 2022 Congressional elections, we will endorse and support candidates with national security backgrounds who share our values: support for the rule of law, for free and fair elections, for the Constitution, and for protecting our country from sedition.


We are not afraid to speak out on the sometimes subtle dangers of anti-democratic movements. You can help us:
  • Read and share articles that we write on the national security implications of specific issues and the positions of candidates seeking office.
  • Attend our fundraisers and donate to candidates who will provide a bulwark against authoritarian trends.
  • Follow us and share our social media posts to help broaden our reach.
  • Follow us when we speak.
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