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January 6, 2021
One Year Later
Margaret Honoch
One year after the attack on the U.S. Capitol Margaret Honoch warns that American democracy is on the brink of collapse—unless action is taken. more

America’s Debts
Brigham Bechtel
The significance of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and the importance of protecting our Afghan allies from the Taliban. more

Three National Security Implications of Current Protests
Javed Ali
The United States is deeply polarized, and the protests playing out in American cities the past several days demonstrate the pent-up frustration being unleashed on a multitude of issues. Javed Ali highlights in his piece for New America a host of national security concerns we must not ignore.

Applying the  Lessons of 9/11 to America’s COVID-19 Response
Javed Ali, The Hill
The many lessons learned after the 9/11 attacks and how the federal government is repeating similar mistakes in their handling of COVID-19.

Our Republic, If We Can Keep It
Margaret Henoch and Steven Cash
Ben Franklin’s timeless warning on the fragility of our republic rings especially true in this moment as President Trump continues his assault on our democracy.

Trump’s Increasingly Lawless Actions Should Raise Alarm
Gail Helt, the Bristol Herald Courier
The unprecedented nature of President Trump’s increasingly lawless behavior and the implications it has on American society as a whole.

 “A Letter Home
By Steven Cash

Donald Trump & The Mendacity of Fear
Zachery Tyson Brown, InsideSources
Donald Trump’s conduct in office has sewn division both at home and abroad. Brown argues that Trump’s abhorrent leadership style has done nothing to promote peace in the world and is wholly undeserving of the high honor of receiving a Nobel Peace Prize.

We Need Answers About January 6th
The Steady State writes in support of an investigation into the events of January 6, 2021.

Biden Has a Golden Chance to Remake U.S. Intelligence
Zachary Tyson Brown, Foreign Policy magazine
President Biden must usher in changes to meet the new security challenges we face in the digital age.

America’s National Security Software Needs an Upgrade
By Zachary Tyson

Reform the Foreign Policy Toolkit for a Rebalanced World
By Gordon Adams

The Next Coronavirus Stimulus Bill Must Support U.S. Diplomats Overseas
By Chris Richardson

Why We Need a Deep State
By Steven Cash

Why Progressive Republicans Should Make a Post-Trump Comeback
By Kevin T. Carroll

Donald Trump Undermines America
By Gail Helt

Ten Days That Show Why Trump’s Wrong on Terrorism
By Joshua Geltzer

By Christy Jobe Carter

Another Day Another Security Crisis
By Margaret Henoch

The Killing of George Floyd Imperils U.S. National Security
By Margaret Henoch

Equal Justice and National Security
By Brigham Bechtel

Recent Trump Speech Troubling
By Gail Helt

Why Bill Barr Got Rid of Geoffrey Berman
By Paul Rosenzweig

The U.S. State Department of Racial Discrimination
By Christopher Richardson

America’s Social Fabric is Unraveling
By Gail Helt

Asking Yourself the Question
By Charles G. Ikins

What John Bolton’s Book Says About Government Service
By Greg Delawie

Responding to Russian Bounties
By Javed Ali

The National Security Implications of Current Protests
By Javed Ali

New Intelligence Steps To Address Infectious Disease Threats
By Javed Ali

Applying the lessons of 9/11 to the coronavirus response
By Javed Ali

Trump’s increasingly lawless actions should raise alarms
By Gail Helt

“Statement in Memory of Brent Scowcroft”
By Susan J. Koch

“Our Republic, If We Can Keep It”
By Margaret Henoch and Steven Cash

“Statement Endorsing Senator Kamala Harris for Vice President of the United States”
By The Steady State

“The Postal Service Doesn’t Have to Crash”
By Peter Zimmerman

“A Voice from the Dark Shadows”
By Charles G. Ikins

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